Reception Services

The perfect guest journey starts with a professional hospitality team. As a single service provider in high-end hospitality, Spirit always deploys the most appropriate reception team for your company.

Our hosts and hostesses know exactly how to make your guests feel welcome during their guest journey. For us, a warm welcome starts in front of the reception desk (and not behind it). Your guests are actively approached and personally looked after during their visit. That way, Spirit assures you of the best hospitality

Total or partial outsourcing of your reception services

Total outsourcing

Are you looking for someone to manage all your reception services? Then you need total outsourcing. Based on our high-quality hospitality service, we take care of everything: from recruitment and selection, planning and scheduling to coordination and management of the team. At Spirit, we leave nothing to chance. Everything is arranged for you down to the last detail. You provide the workplace, we do the rest.


Would you prefer the partial outsourcing of your reception services? In that case, we will deploy our undermanagement structure for you. Spirit will manage your entire reception team, with both your own and our employees. We will also be responsible for managing, allocating and training hosts and hostesses. Problem-free and with the perfect match: that’s Spirit Reception Services.

A well-run reception

Do you need total or partial support and high-quality hospitality services? Then contact Spirit for more information about its Reception Services.

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Event Services

Invite your guests to an unforgettable event with Spirit’s hostesses, hosts and catering personnel. Professional, proactive and passionate about their work.