Event services

Event services

Spirit Event Services give your event the extra hospitality and professionalism your guests expect from you. We call it ‘next-level hospitality’.

Our Event Services are characterised by:

Professional services

At Spirit Hospitality, you are assured of professional services. Our hosts and hostesses are professional, proactive and passionate about their work. Your event is organised down to the last detail, from scheduling to task allocation and from an appropriate team to a presentable appearance. Spirit Event Services meet all your needs.

Lasting Impression

The deployment of Spirit hosts and hostesses at your event is a good investment. They represent your company with class and professionalism, and this in turn reflects on your company. That way, your event leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

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Reception Services

Do you need someone to manage all your reception services? Spirit will organise total or partial outsourcing. Find out what we can do for you.